history & evolution

In Spanish "madre" means mother.

So all t-shirts we produce are " made in Spain" and so we also say " madre in Spain" because the factory is in Madrid and my mother helps us to make milana:: in her clothing workshop .

In the beginning, she made one or two t-shirts per year just for me. She prepared the pocket t-shirts and I wore them in my bicycle trips. As you know when your mother prepares something for you, she makes it with love, which is the most important "secret ingredient".

The t-shirts took the name from my bicycle Milana. I combined the t-shirts that my mom makes and the name of my bicycle to create the brand: "milana:: ".

Step by step, milana:: is growing, our concept and brand have been presented in Madrid, Beijing and Shanghai. We hope more people will share our idea towards urban cycling and living.

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