milana:: style

This is a small “trailer”  for our new line of urban cyclist clothing- milana::

David Barrionuevo is a passionate Spanish cyclist who came from Madrid to Beijing by bike in 2008, cycling for almost 5 months and passing through 9 countries on the way. He came to see the Olympics but after that he decided to stay, and currently lives and works in Beijing. His biking experience goes back from when he started shorter trips in Europe, but now he has done more journeys in Asia as well. He also worked for a pro-cycling team going with them to competitions in China. Apart from long-distance bike travels and road bike races, David enjoys a lot cycling in the city, and he newly created a urban cyclist brand: milana::, which is named after his own bike.

For the love of bikes. 

milana:: is a urban cycling brand founded with the aim to provide urban riders comfortable and sustainable clothing and accessories.

The milana:: t-shirt pockets are made with reclaimed, left-over bits and pieces of cloths and buttons from clothing factories in Madrid, giving them a “fashionable” new life. So each t-shirt is quasi unique as the colors and patterns rarely repeat. Recycle while you cycle. With the huge back pockets, you can carry home keys, mobile phones, wallets, books, bananas so on and so forth. This will save you from carrying backpacks on your back and leaving a big sweat mark.

So just ride with me! coming soon::!


这是我们新都市骑行者服装系列-milana:: 的小“预告片”





穿着一起来骑吧! 敬请期待!


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