¨milana:: For WILL¨ special edition

300RMB for 1KM // 300元支持1公里 milana:: For WILL milana::为愿景骑行

You will receive 1¨milana:: for WILL ¨special edition t-shirt. milana:: shirts with WILL pockets. Please leave your email address. 您将收到1件milana::为愿景骑行的特别版体恤衫。milana::体恤衫配愿景孩子们绘画图案。请留下您的电子邮件地址。

Motivation for this charity project:ruedascuadradas_milanaforwill After years of cycling in many countries, for this year’s journey, I want to add more meaning to my rides. Biking to the Pamir Highway, I will ride for WILL Foundation (www.willfound.org).

70% of the donations will go to WILL to fund basic supplies for disadvantaged children and cover monthly operational costs of their medical needs of surgeries and therapies. The remaining 30% will be used to cover travel expenses on the road.


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